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    Modern Construction Materials-Glass Blocks

    Jun 2016

    There are many types of modern building materials, it provides a lot of convenience for home decoration. Clever use of glass bricks can rebuilt some new windows, barrier or wall, not only to increase the transmittance and to maintain a certain privacy, but also to give shelter adds some modern atmosphere.

    Glass blocks is made of transparent or colorful glass material, through press to form block or a hollow box-like body shape. Its main varieties have hollow glass bricks, solid glass bricks. In most cases, glass blocks do not use as a decorative materials, but as a structural material, as walls, screens, partitions and other similar functions. Glass bricks used in exterior doors, natural light and outdoor views are brought into the interior, brick has high strength and good durability, can withstand wind attack, no additional maintenance of the structure will be able to guarantee security. In recent years, outdoor decoration, lighting, thermal insulation of large glass brick wall has been widely recognized, banks, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, railway stations, landscapes and other public buildings will be used widely.

    Glass Brick

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