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Reflective Glass

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Reflective Glass

3 4 5 6 8 10 12mm Thick Golden/Blue/Purple/Pink/Neutral/Gray Color Reflective Glass


Reflective glass also called heat-reflective glass, is a type of clear or tinted glass that has a very thin layer of metal or metallic oxide on the surface. This reflective coating is applied during the float process to enhance the amount of heat reflected by the glass. The thicker the glass is, the less light will pass through the window. The reflective coating reduces heat gain and glare from the outside while allowing visible light to enter. The development of architectural aesthetics arouses high requirements to the architectural glass on lighting with appropriate sight shielding, energy-saving with decoration, which could be realized by reflective glass.

Reflective glass gives a building a mirror-like appearance. The coatings are available in silver, copper, gold and earth tone. They can be combined with tinted glass to give a building a beautiful exterior.

Available solar control coating types:

• One way mirror glass

 Different colors online and offline solar control glass

Available brands:

• Vitro, Saint Gobain, China local.


Glass TypeReflective Glass
Glass Thickness3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm thick reflective glass
Common ColorSky Blue Reflective Glass, Lake Blue Reflective Glass, Dark Blue Reflective Glass, Light Blue Reflective Glass, Ocean Blue Reflective Glass, Euro Grey Reflective Glass, Dark Grey Reflective Glass, Light Grey Reflective Glass, French Green Reflective Glass, Dark Green Reflective Glass, Golden Bronze Reflective Glass, Red Bronze Reflective Glass, Pink Reflective Glass, Golden Reflective Glass, Clear Reflective Glass, etc.
Standard Size1524*2134mm, 1220*1830mm, 1650*2140mm, 1830*2440mm, 2134*3300mm, 2250*3300mm, 2440*3300mm, 2140*3660mm, 2440*3660mm, etc. can be produced according to clients' request.
Max SizeMax:3660*18000mm
ToleranceAs per standards of GB/T15763.3, ASTM C 1172, EN14449, AS/NZS 2208
Trade TermsFOB, CIF,DDU,etc
Lead TimeGenerally 2-4 weeks, depend on order quantity.
Edge WorkFlat Edge, Seamed Edge, Polished Edge, Bevelled edge, Flat Polished Edge, Round Edge,Arrised edge, C Shape, etc. upon your request.
Irregular ShapeRectangular, Round, Oval, Trapezoid, Parallel, etc. All edges can be bright polished.
Hole & NotchCountersunk holes, round holes, bell-mouth holes, simple notch, mickey ears cutouts, etc. The edge of hole and notch can be polished by CNC
PackingUse the standard over sea applied strong plywood crates and steel strip fixed for export
Terms of Payment30% down payment before production, 70% balance TT at shipment, L/C
MOQTo be discussed
Added-on options: acid etched, color painted, digital printing, silkscreen printing

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