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Low E glass

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Low E glass

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Low E glass also called Low E coated glass, is the glass with a low-emissivity coating, it is formed by applying a microscopically thin, transparent coating on the glass surface that has the ability to reduce heat gain or loss by reflecting long-wave infrared energy/heat and therefore, decreases the U-value and solar heat gain, improves the energy efficiency of the glazing.

Low E glass reduces the amount of heat that gets absorbed into a home during the day, making it an ideal window glass for moderate to warm climates. By streaming daylight in, and keeping solar heat out, it makes living spaces more comfortable.

Low E glass plays an important role in the overall performance of a window & curtain wall and can significantly affect the overall heating, lighting and cooling costs of a home.

 Available low e brands:

* Guardian Climaguard low-e glass SN62/27 SN55/27 SN68 SN54

* Sunguard SNX 62/27 SNX51/23

* Vitro PPG low e IGU, Solarban 60 67 70XL R100 Z50 Solar control low e glass,

* Saint Gobain low e IGU Planitherm Cool lite SKN154 SKN163 SKN174 KT155 KT140

* China top low e IGU NGD80 NSJ65 etc

Available: low e double glazing, triple glazing units.

Available low e types: Double silver low e IGU, Triple silver low e insulating glass units. 


Glass TypeLow E Glass
Glass Thickness4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm thick low e glass
Glass ColorEuro Bronze Low E Glass, Light Grey Low E Glass, Dark Gray Low E Glass, Ford Blue Low E Glass, Dark Blue Low E Glass, French Green Low E Glass, Dark Green Low EGlass, Low Iron Low E Glass, Clear Low E Glass, Ultra Clear Low E Glass, Super Low Iron Low E Glass, Extra Clear Low E Glass, Starphire Ultra Clear Low Iron Low E Glass, etc.
Standard Size1524*2134mm, 1220*1830mm, 1650*2140mm, 1830*2440mm, 2134*3300mm, 2250*3300mm, 2440*3300mm, 2140*3660mm, 2440*3660mm, etc. can be produced according to clients' request.
Max SizeMax:3300*18000mm
Coating TypesOnline Low E Glass(Hard Low E Glass), Offline Low E Glass(Soft Low E Glass)
Trade TermsFOB, CIF, DDU, etc
Lead TimeGenerally 2-4 weeks, depend on order quantity.
Edge WorkFlat Edge, Seamed Edge, Polished Edge, Bevelled edge, Flat Polished Edge, Round Edge, Arrised edge, C Shape, etc. upon your request.
Irregular ShapeRectangular, Round, Oval, Trapezoid, Parallel, etc. All edges can be bright polished.
Hole & NotchCountersunk holes, round holes, bell-mouth holes, simple notch, mickey ears cutouts, etc. The edge of hole and notch can be polished by CNC
PackingUse the standard over sea applied strong plywood crates and steel strip fixed for export
Terms of Payment30% down payment before production, 70% balance TT at shipment, L/C
MOQTo be discussed
Added-on options: acid etched, color painted, digital printing, silkscreen printing

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