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    Smart Glass

    Smart Glass Smart Glass

    What is it?

    Smart glass also named as Privacy Glass or Switchable Transparent Glass ( STG ), or switchable smart glass .This is state of the art laminated glass with a PDLC film interlayer between two sheets of glass.

    It is an intelligent high function glass, which has a special characteristic of changing between clear and opaque by voltage control. When privacy is required the current is switched off and the crystals scatter into a random formation which prevents vision through the glass.

    (PDLC Film) Material: Two layer PET-ITO conducting film+Middle inside (LCD) Liquid Crystal Membrane


    1.High privacy 

    2.Security in laminated glass

    3.Energy saving: Blocks 99% UV light when turned to opaque

    4.High transparency with low haze

    5.Cost saving instead of installing blinds or curtains

    6.Controllable degree of transparency 


    1. Executive offices and conference room

    2.Control room of government facilities

    3.Family household and apartments

    4.Storefronts & Windows


    6. Privacy / security glass

    7. Glass walls doors

    8. Partitions/ Vision panels 

    9. Automobile window

    10. Presentation display furniture, room partition


    4mm clear+ PDLC smart glass film+4mm clear that is commonly ordered by clients or customized configuration.

    Thickness: 8mm to 25mm. 

    MOQ: 10 Square meters.

    Quality Standard:

    Pass Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC), CE, CSI.

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