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    Your Building Is Only As Smart As Its Windows

    Sep 2018

    Buildings also take the full brunt of the sun’s rage on a sunny day. In 2017 39% of the energy consumption in the U.S. went to buildings, largely to heat or cool them. Long ago we learned the importance of windows to a building’s insulation. A report from 1990 suggested that one-fourth of all the energy used for space heating and cooling was lost through windows.

    But now technology is allowing windows to not only be great insulators, but to be a part of the building’s building management systems. New glass technology allows them to change their tint with small changes in voltage that can allow them to let in or keep out heat depending on the situation and optimize the light for occupant health and wellness.

    One of the companies that is on the forefront of smart glass innovation is View. They design and manufacture dynamic glass that can change its properties to let varying amounts of light or infrared energy though. They have been tasked with retrofitting the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Airport after a pilot program showed that improvements in light conditions could event make an airport visit more enjoyable.

    The first thing that they were able to tell me is that their intelligent glass can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. They have designed them to work in conjunction with light and infrared sensors that they install on the roof of the building in order to automatically adjust as the conditions change. But they think that the human benefits of increased lighting could be even more important, especially in offices.

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