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    The glass combination for glass bridge

    Jul 2020

    The glass combination for glass bridge
    These years more and more tourist scene have built glass bridge,hundreds meters high glass Was fixed with some hardware and frames, people can see through the glass.

    But just how strong are glass used in the glass bridge? And are they entirely safe for commercial application?What’s the right glass combination used in this kind of glass bridge?

    Several factors affect the strength of a glass floor, but most important ,is the type of glass used and the amount of support for the glass.

    Glass floors are almost always made of laminated glass,beside laminating process, heat strengthened laminated glass or toughened laminated glass are also used to increase the glass floor overall strength.

    Heat strengthened glass is roughly twice as strong as annealed glass, while toughened glass can be five times stronger than normal float glass.

    However, the tensile stresses within toughened glass mean that it can be vulnerable to short sharp shocks, particularly around the edges. And when tempered glass breaks, it shatters entirety and break into numerous small particles.

    Laminated glass is made by bonding two or more layers of glass and PVB or SGP interlayer, so even if one pane breaks, the glass will remain in place.So even though a layer of toughened glass break won’t seriously compromise the safety of a glass floor in the short term, it would certainly be costly to replace.But for floor application,SGP interlayer is used as its remained sustain strength will be enough to support the glass and avoid glass collapse. For this reason, heat strengthened laminated glass or tempered laminated glass are the preferred option for glass floors.

    The thickness of the glass needed for a glass floor will depend on the amount of support provided by the structure and the widths the glass has to span.

    For larger areas, glass floors will usually be supplied as multiple panels rather than a single unit. This keeps the weight (and cost) of the glass floor down.

    Glass floors generally tend to work out around twice as strong as their wooden counterparts, owing to both the inherent strength of the glass itself, plus the additional support structure that secures it in place.

    The recommended glass combination for glass bridge are:

    Low iron tempered glass+1.52SGP interlayer+Low iron tempered glass+1.52SGP interlayer+Low iron tempered glass

    The glass thickness can be 8mm,10mm,12mm and even thicker to ensure safety,of course the price is increasing with glass overall thickness.

    BNG is your laminated glass for glass bridge supplier and exporter,welcome contact us for more information. Thanks.


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