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    The Advantage of Glass Curtainwall

    Nov 2018

    Glass curtainwall is a new type of wall in the contemporary era. The main characteristic that it endows to architecture is to organically unify architectural aesthetics, architectural function, architectural energy saving and architectural structure and other factors. The building presents different colors from different angles and gives people dynamic beauty with the changes of sunshine, moonlight and light.

    The key difference between curtainwalls and window-walls is that the former hangs off a building, attached with metal embedded plates to concrete floors, whereas window-walls are glazing assemblies installed between floor slabs or a floor and roof structure

    One of the advantages of curtainwall systems is a rainscreen, a gap between the assembly and the building that allows moisture to drain down and out.

    There are plenty of reasons for selecting a curtainwall system. Its ability to resist snow, seismic and thermal forces, for example.

    Among the different curtainwall assemblies on the market is stick curtainwall, a system of aluminum and glass components assembled on site typically for lowrise commercial buildings.

    Unitized curtainwall, common on large office buildings, is prefabricated in shop in panel sizes and snapped into place on site.

    Unitized curtainwall requires fewer tradespeople on site — a big plus because skilled assemblers are very difficult to find for stick curtainwall, said Gusterson.

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