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    Some knowledge about ultra clear glass & heat soaked glass

    Nov 2020

    Some knowledge about ultra clear glass&heat soaked glass

    1. Why is the self-explosion rate of ultra clear tempered glass low?
    Low iron glass, because it contains much less iron elements than normal glass, it looks crystal clear, so it is also called ultra-white glass. Compared with float glass, in order to remove iron from the ultra-white glass in the production process, a magnetic selection process is added, and nickel is also removed during the process of removing iron, so that the content of nickel sulfide in the ultra-white glass is extremely low. Nickel sulphide is the root reason of self-explosion of tempered glass, so the self-explosion rate of ultra-white tempered glass is also very low.
    According to the usage statistics of many engineering cases of CSG, the self-explosion rate of ultra-white tempered glass is about 1/10000 (the self-explosion rate of clear tempered glass is higher than 3/1000).

    2. Is there any way to reduce the self-explosion rate of  tempered glass?
    Heat soaking process can reduce the self-explosion rate of tempered glass, and the tempered glass is called “heat soaked glass” . Heat soaking processing is to place the tempered glass in a furnace and heat it up to a certain temperature, after the heat preservation and cooling process.
    Tempered glass containing nickel sulfide or other impurities in this process will be detonated, so heat soaking is also called “explosion treatment”. The self-explosion rate of heat soaked tempered glass is about 1/1000.

    3. Comparison of price of ultra-white tempered glass and heat soaked tempered glass
    The conversion of heat soaked tempered glass to ultra-white tempered glass has limited increased cost, but it can significantly reduce the self-explosion rate, greatly reducing the incidence of tempered self-explosion, injury, and accidents, as well as maintenance costs during construction use, especially in super high-rises. The replacement cost of the building glass after the explosion. In comparison, the use of ultra-white tempered glass is cost-effective.

    4. Performance comparison between ultra-white tempered glass and heat soaked glass
    The self-explosion rate of heat soaked tempered glass is less than 0.001. It is important that there is no effective technical detection and identification method for heat soaked tempered glass. Therefore, counterfeit heat soaked glass is prevalent in the market, and poor manufacturers compete at low prices without actually making The heat soaking treatment and the reliability of heat soaked tempered glass are questioned

    5, the appearance of ultra-white glass visual effects
    Ultra-white glass will not have a green color even if the thickness of the glass is increased. after been applied with low e coating ,the glass curtain wall can show a distinctive high-end appearance.

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