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    How to Maintain And Clean The Tempered Glass?

    Aug 2017

    Although the tempered glass compared with ordinary glass, with high toughness, bending resistance, high safety performance advantages, but improper use is also easy to break easily. So the daily use of more attention, to extend the life of tempered glass.

    1.Pay attention to protect the corners of tempered glass

    If the corners of the tempered glass are damaged, the risk of glass blew is multiplied. Because the stress point of the tempered glass all concentrated in the corners, the corner protection is particularly important;

    2.Avoid the tempered glass staying in the pressure state for a long time

    For the sake of beauty, many families will choose to use tempered glass as a desktop coffee table, the general tempered glass withstand the pressure between 70mpa to 100mpa, the pressure by the glass force area is the maximum pressure it can withstand. So, do not put heavy objects on the tempered glass for a long time;

    3. Avoid uneven hot and cold

    If in extreme cases, at the two ends of a glass were applied to the high temperature and low temperature, then the glass is likely to blew. 

    4. Away from acid and alkali substances

    To avoid the tempered glass contact with sodium hydroxide (NaOH aerosol) and other alkaline substances and hydrofluoric acid (HF), the glass is essentially silica (SiO2), they will occur chemical reaction.

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