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    Hard coated low e glass VS Soft coated low e glass

    May 2020

    Hard coated low e glass VS Soft coated low e glass

    Low-E glass, short for Low Emissivity Glass,It is a coating on glass surface. This glass not only has high visible light transmittance, but also has a strong ability to block infrared rays. It can play the dual functions of natural lighting and heat insulation.

    Low-E glass is divided into offline Low-E glass(soft coated low e) and online Low-E glass(hard coated low e) according to the manufacturing process.

    On-line Low-E glass is a functional film with low radiation performance on the surface of the glass ribbon on the float line by chemical vapor deposition and special materials on the float glass production line.

    In China, only AGC and SYP provide limited hard coated low e options: Planible G, Sunergy, SY-48

    Off-line Low-E glass is generally vacuum-magnetized sputter coating process, and a multi-layer composite film is coated on the surface of the glass to realize Low-E function. The main functional film layer in the film layer is generally silver (Ag) film, which can be subdivided into single silver low e, double silver low e and triple silver low e.

    The online Low-E glass can be directly tempered, heat-strengthened, and hot-bending, and can be used in single glazing. For offline low e glass, it is necessary to remove the coating at the edge of the glass before insulating.

    The off-line low e can be applied on any float glass, tinted glass,low iron glass, The thickness of the online Low-E glass is usually only 4, 5, and 6 mm. The color is only cyan and clear. The variety is simple and the selectivity is limited.


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