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    China issued glass standard for glass bridge

    Sep 2020

    China issued glass standard for glass bridge

    Glass bridge construction worldwide is becoming more and more popular, while there’s no specialized standard that have detailed requirement for the laminated glass that used as glass floors or glass bridge.As the glass are always large panels and installed in high areas that may up to 100M from the ground,so the glass strength and sustain capability after breakage is quite important .Traditional standard,such as EN14449, ASTM C1048 contain only some simple tests,boiling water test,impact test,drop ball test ,but don’t have specialized test that suit bridge glass that sustain high volume people, and tests for glass loading capability.

    Germany Standard DIN 18008-6 Glass In Building – Design And Construction Rules – Part 6 Additional Requirements For Walk-on Glaz,it a standard that test glass sustain ability after breakage,but it’s not a system standard.

    Recent years,many accidents happened in China bridge tourist center,to ensure the glass safety and protect tourist against from potential drop ,China issue a new standard that specialized for glass bridge:GB/T38784-2020 SUSPENDED FLOOR,STAIRS,TRAILS AND PLANK ROAD GLASS

    Firstly the glass that used in glass bridge must be heat soaked.Even though low iron contains less Nis and has lower spontaneous breakage ratio,but shall also be heat soaked in glass factory to avoid potential breakage.This also help decrease the potential losses caused by glass breakage as glass replacement costs are really high and affect the turnover.

    Despite the most standard appearance requirement against size,holes,linear defects,dots defects,delamination,glass overlap,the standard also have a complete list to evaluate if the glass suite for bridge glass or glass floor,including:

    1. Boiling water test, 300*300mm *3 pcs.

    Place glass into boiling water for 2 hours,check glass edge if any bubbles or delamination,No defect over 13mm glass edge is accepted.

    2. Durability test,300*300mm *3 pcs.

    480 hours lighting and  water Spray,check glass color changes and glass edge if any bubbles or delamination,same requirement as boiling water test,and light transmittance shall below 5%.

    3. Static load ,same size as the project use, 1pcs.

    800kgs/sqm weight load on samples for 4 hours,check glass status,glass shall not break after test.

    4. Dynamic load,same size as the project use, 1pcs.

    100kgs load drop from 300mm, 3 second interval *200 times,glass shall not break after test.

    5.Impact test,1100*500mm *6pcs

    5kgs cone drop from 1800mm,check glass status,At least 1 layer glass keep integrity,the back piece drop fragments total weight shall below 65cm2 glass weight.

    6.Post Breakage test,same size as the project use, 4pcs.

    800kgs/sqm load on glass,break the glass surface and bottom pieces,check glass collapse time.Glass sustain time shall above 1 minute

    7. Ball drop test,1100*900mm*3pcs

    4.11kgs ball drop from 3000mm height, for 3 times,check glass status,At least 1 layer glass keep integrity,the back piece drop fragments total weight shall below 65cm2 glass weight.

    With these test that simulating the actual situation and condition of the bridge glass,customers and construction companies will know easily whether the glass suit to be installed in the bridge projects.

    BNG is your building facade materials supplier,we supply glass bridge glass ,usually triple layer SGP laminated low iron glass, and all kinds of SGP laminated glass. ,kindly contact us if you have project that need help.

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