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    Precautions for Using Tempered Laminated Glass

    Apr 2017

    1. Tempered laminated glass packaging should be noted, each piece of glass with plastic or paper packaging, between the glass and the box is not easy to cause the appearance of glass scratches and other defects. Each box should be marked "up, light moving, careful broken, glass thickness, grade" and other words.

    2. Tempered laminated glass can be transported by various types of vehicles. When transporting, the wooden box shall not be flat or inclined. The length should be the same as the direction of the movement of the vehicle and shall be rain-proof. Glass in the handling, should avoid contact with the hard objects, collision. Temporarily unwanted tempered laminated glass should be stored vertically in a dry, ventilated room.

    3. Laminated laminated glass is a kind of glass products with internal stress. It can not be cut, drilled, otherwise, it will cause cracking. Tempered laminated glass edge stress is concentrated, to be well protected. Can not use sharp, hard objects to hit the edge of the glass.

    4. Tempered laminated glass should be avoid high temperature exposure, high humidity and other climatic environment before installation. Construction site of the glass should be stored in a ventilated, dry place.

    Tempered Laminated Glass

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