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    History of Tempered Glass

    Apr 2016

    Tempered glass, also called physical hardening, its development can be traced back to the original mid-17th century.

    The first patent of tempered glass was obtained by the French in 1874, tempered method is heated glass to its softening temperature, immediately put to liquid bath having relatively low temperature, that surface stress increase. This is the method of early liquid tempered.

    In 1875, Germany Frederick Siemens obtained a patent. In 1876, Massachusetts Geovge E. Rogens made tempered methods use in glass tumblers and lamppost. In the same year, New Jersey HughO'heill obtained a patent.

    China's glass history began in 1955, at that time, Shanghai Yaohua Glass Factory began trial production, in 1958, Qinhuangdao City Glass Factory tried to produce successfully. In 1965 China began to produce military toughened glass.

    1970s, tempered glass technology get a comprehensive promotion and popularization in the world, tempered glass started to apply to the automotive, construction, aviation, electronics and other fields, especially automotive and construction terms has the fastest growth.

    Tempered Glass

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