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    Clear Laminated Glass

    Clear Laminated Glass Clear Laminated Glass

    What is it?

    Clear laminated glass is made of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with a transparent or translucent colored plastic interlayer. From entrance doors and glass floors, to aquariums and display cases, clear laminated glass is the perfect safety solution.


    In order to guarantee the quality of laminating glass, PVB film we use Dupont of the USA or Sekisui of Japan. The lamination can be glass with stainless steel mesh, or stone and others to achieve best outlook. The colors of the film include transparent, milk, blue, dark grey, light green, bronze, etc.

    Thickness6.38mm,8.38mm,10.38mm,12.38mm,16.38mm,6.76mm, 8.76mm,10.76mm,12.76mm,16.76mm,20.76mm,24.76mm.
    Film TypeNormal PVB, Dupond Sentry Glass Plus (SGP), DG41 from Saflex…
    Thickness of PVB0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm,2.28mm,3.04mm
    Thickness of SGP1.52mm,3.04mm
    Interlayer1 layer,2 layers,3 layers and more layers according to your requirements
    Interlayer film colortransparent, milk, blue, dark grey, light green, bronze, etc.
    Max size2440mm*3660mm


    The clear laminated glass are widely used for bullet proof burglar-proof, showcase,counter,aquarium,skylight,long corridor,sidelite,etc.

    Quality standard

    In accordance with GB15763.3 Chinese standard

    In accordance with BS952 British standard

    In accordance with EN12543 European standard

    In accordance with ANSIZ97.1 American standard

    In accordance with AS/NZS2208 Australian standard


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