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    Reflective Insulated Glass

    Reflective Insulated Glass Reflective Insulated Glass

    What is it?

    Reflective Insulated Glass is a new pyrolytic multi-layers coating and energy efficient product which is used in tropic area and large scale glass building. It is also called reflective insulating glass/ reflective coating window glass/ reflective double glazing glass/ solar control coated insulated glass and so on. It’s durable, easily be tempered, any radius available as hot curved and it can also be used as single panel. The reflective coating has different performance parameter and has many colors. Please contact with our sale engineer to ask for detailed data.

    Performance Features

    - High visible light transmission;

    - Low light pollution;

    - Best shading effect;

    - Strong soundproof;

    - Keep warm or cold environment.

    Production Range

    Max. Size: 3600mmx18000mm

    Min. Size: 300mmx300mm

    Thickness Range: 3mm to 50mm as you customized;

    Color: neutral, blue, gray, green, gold, bronze, etc.


    - Building wall;

    - Outer curtain wall;

    - Hotel, hospital, shop mall, police station, etc.


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